Ecommerce Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing is one of the most common revenue generation channel for ecommerce website. There are lots of different study shows that email marketing has a strong effect on ecommerce revenue. Of course numbers and performance highly related to your product category, how to gather emails and emails you send to subscribers. Even all the parameters can change performance of ecommerce email marketing ROI, I share you the best ecommerce email marketing examples in this post.

Every ecommerce website needs 4 different email marketing ideas.
1. Welcome emails
2. Promotion emails
3. Cart abandonment emails

Let’s look at each one’s detail.

Welcome Emails

There are two main ways to collect emails in your website. First one is visitors sign up your website or complete purchase and you get the email. Second and most important one is with different scenarios you ask them to subscribe your email list even they do not signed up or complete a purchase.

In this section we talk about second option. Since email subscribers your potential clients giving them free shipping or 10% off in first purchase are very popular incentives. You can ask them to join based on their behavior on your website. For example seeing more than 5 products, spends more than 2 minutes or tend to exit can be your trigger to show visitors a subscribe email box.

Now let’s look at best examples from different e-commerce websites.

Ecommerce Email Welcome Email Examples-1

Bonos use 20% off discount code in their welcome email. As you see there are not lots of visual elements to make it difficult to read and understand. It is a simple and clear email.

Another example from West Elm.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Examples - Welcome Emails

They use one week limited 15% discount coupon. They also do not have lots of images or texts. It is very simple to read and understand. They also place buttons at the bottom for specific categories.

What you need to consider when you design your welcome email?
1. Keep it simple and short.
2. Do not use lots of virtual elements.
3. Do not write lots of text on email.
4. Make it easy to navigate user from email to directly your most popular category pages.

Promotional Emails

Promotions are great ways to reach people about promotions on your website. It can be related to black friday, new year, valentines day, back to school, etc.

Let’s look at a few creative promotional e-commerce email marketing examples.

Ecommerce Black Friday Promotion Email Marketing Examples

This is a GREAT example.

It is very simple.

It shows promotions, popular products and create urgency.
Let’s look at another example from Loft.

Ecommerce Promotion Email Marketing Examples

This is also a great example. Pre-promotion communication is also very important. Loft send emails before promotions even begin.

Cart Abandonment Emails

Most of ecommerce website has issue with cart abandonment. After lots of different marketing efforts finally you got visitors, some of them bounce right away. Some of them add a few products to basket but what? Most of visitors who use add to cart button left your website in the cart page. It is very annoying, right?

Emails are great way to make them turn and complete purchase actions. Now let’s look at a few examples.

Ecommerce Cart Abandoned Email Marketing Examples

This one is from Glossier. Hero image is great! CTA is great! So, this email is awesome 😉

This example from Casper. They place the product in the basket. It is also a very good practice.


Emails are great way to generate more revenue from your existing user base. Each successful emails has similar attribute. They designed like you talk directly with your users.

Use very simple visuals. Use very simple language and keep it short. CTA’s are very important. If you have any question write it below.

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